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Dr Naval Kumar – Melasma Causes, Symptoms, Effects and Treatments

Melasma, also known as 'chloasma', is a frequent skin condition of adults where light to dark brownish or greyish pigmentation grows, mostly on the surface. The title stems from meals, the Greek term for black. Even though it can affect both genders and some other race, it occurs more frequently in …

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Frozen Shoulder Treatment | Frozen shoulder treatment in India

Frozen shoulder is stiffness, pain, and a loss of motion in the shoulder joint. Frozen shoulder is additionally referred to as-as Adhesive Capsulitis. It’s going to happen when an associate in Nursing injury or overuse or from an illness like polygenic disease or a stroke. The tissues around the joi…

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Dr Naval Kumar - Hair Fall Home Remedies, Treatment, Causes & Prevention

Nowadays, hair fall is a very common problem that everyone faces at one point. Most of the time it’s just a false alarm, and our hair’s routine shedding, in some cases, it is more than that. But what could be causing the unexpected hair loss? If you have been suffering from hair fall problem and hav…

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